We have our own fully qualified cook who works full time at the nursery providing nutritious home-cooked meals for the children. All food is prepared on site daily using fresh ingredients; no processed or convenience foods are used. Our menus reflect foods from different cultures. We cater for a variety of diets including vegetarian, Halal and wheat and dairy free. Menus are planned over a four week cycle for spring/summer and autumn/winter.

The kitchen is inspected annually by an Environmental Health Officer and awarded a star rating. Currently, we have the maximum five star rating.

Children recieve two snacks with drinks, a two course cooked lunch and a light finger food tea daily. Drinks are avaliable throughout the day.

A daily menu is displayed in the entrance hall. The following is an example of a menu for two days:

Menu 1: Menu 1:

Morning snack: Sultanas and dried apricots, with milk.

Lunch: Cheese, lentil and tomato bake with coleslaw and baked beans. Honey and banana teabread.

Afternoon snack: Fruit wedges.

Tea: Sultana scones.

Menu 2:

Morning snack: Crackers with cheese and milk.

Lunch: Chicken curry with rice and Naan bread. Fruity Flapjack.

Afternoon snack: Assorted fruit slices.

Tea: Humous with breadsticks, cucumber and carrot.